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Emilia Clarke's Puppy 'Ted' is The One True King


If you watched 'Game Of Thrones', then you know the "Mother of Dragons" only deserves the best dog!

Emilia Clarke named her dog Ted, and she's made sure everyone knows about her "new main squeeze" and "light of my goddamn life" and the "most beautiful puppy in the entire world" with numerous Instagram posts.

The Game of Thrones star has also used the hashtag #goodbyesleepgoodbyecarpetgoodbyeslippershellopoop," which every dog owner can relate to.

Were these small hints helpful at all? Start scrolling for endless cuteness.


What kind of dog does Emilia Clarke have?

Do you know much about doxies? It's our fave breed! I live with a Standard Dachshund. Here is some background!

Developed in Germany over 300 years ago, this smart, spunky little dog is named after its intended purpose: to hunt badgers. The word Dachshund comes from a combination of the German word for badger: "Dachs" and the German word for dog: "Hund."

There is some dispute as to the Dachshund's history, particularly regarding when it was first bred specifically to hunt badgers. What is certain, however, is that the Dachshund's predecessors make appearances in historical accounts as far back as the 15th century. Illustrations from medieval European literature show short-legged, long-bodied dogs hunting badgers. These small dogs were celebrated for their hound-like tracking ability, and their terrier-like stature and temperament: the ideal combination of traits for hunting badgers.

It was not until the 17th century that the name "Dachshund" came about to describe these lively little hunting dogs of smooth and longhaired coat varieties.


As the breed developed, two different sizes became the forerunners and were favored for their respective suitabilities to different types of game. The larger variety, weighing 30-35 pounds was used for badgers and wild boar, while the smaller variety, weighing 16-22 pounds, was ideal for hunting smaller game such as foxes and rabbits. Consequently, today's Dachshund comes in two size varieties: standard Dachshund and miniature Dachshund.

You certainly don't need to be a part of Game of Thrones stardom to live with a doxie. How cute are the selfies and "Daenerys Targaryen" cuddling with 'Super Ted' her new best friend?!

Do you think she convinced her HBO Games of Thrones co-stars like Kit Harington or Jason Momoa to also bring home an adorable new puppy or maybe a teacup breed?

We love Ted so much!


Do you know anyone that lives with a doxie!? Please leave us a comment! 

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