Einstein, the Smallest Stallion, Roams Around the House

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Have you always secretly wished that you could have a horse in your house? 

How much fun would it be to be able to share your home with your horse? You could feed him the carrots from your salad, could watch TV together, and could bring him inside near the fire on cold nights.

It's every little girl's fantasy to bring their pony or horse into the house, and in some cases, they even give it a try with or without their parents' permission.

Einstein, the tiny horse in this video, clearly enjoys roaming around his owner's house. Einstein is a Miniature horse, and his small size makes it more practical for him to navigate the hallways and turns of a house than it is for larger horses.

You have to check out this video as it follows Einstein through the spotless home as he explores, mingles, and makes himself, well, right at home.

Einstein has a fascinating story. When he was born, he was the smallest horse in the world, weighing in at a stunning six pounds and standing only 14 inches tall. His parents are both Miniature horses, but Einstein was unusually small.

Word of Einstein's small stature spread quickly, prompting many visitors and even getting him TV appearances. He's been widely featured in the media, including People Magazine, USA Today, and even the Huntington Post.

Einstein's small size came with a unique challenge: Who could be his friends? Turning him out with full-sized horses would be dangerous, since Einstein is smaller than many larger dog breeds. Horses are herd animals, and Einstein would need company in order to be properly socialized as he grew up.

To learn about the solution to Einstein's problem, be sure to check out his book, "A Friend for Einstein the Smallest Stallion."

You can learn more about Einstein on his website.

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Einstein, the Smallest Stallion, Roams Around the House