Edison Bird Festival: Celebrating Fowl with a Chicken Parade

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Images via Edison Bird Festival

This little town in Washington celebrates poultry with a pet fowl parade.

Seattle chicken coops are increasing in number throughout the city. The region has an eco-friendly draw, causing many owners to raise pet chickens to participate in eating locally, collecting the eggs for consumption.

Others are simply attracted to the idea of pet chickens, some relying on the feces as fertilizer for the countless green gardens dotting the neighborhoods.

Just outside of Seattle, 75 miles north along Washington's coast, sits the town of Edison. The Seattle chicken population towers over Edison's human population, where the census marks the resident count at a mere 135 individuals. But Edison still celebrates its feathered friends with the annual Edison Bird Festival.

A chicken parade is just one of the events held during this festival. Artists, wild bird floats, and informational booths adorn the town each spring.


The Edison Bird Festival was launched by a group of local business owners, Jim and Lisa Kowalski, Wesley Smith and Andrew Vallee. The quartet sought to pay homage to avian enthusiasts, a unique cultural aspect of the Skagit Valley region, where the landscape provides beautiful natural habitat for wild species.

The festival website says it aims to bring "art, conservation and fascination of birds" to locals, visitors and the area.


The parade is no stranger to chickens on leashes or wooden ducks for those who don't have a cock-a-doodle-doo to flaunt. Humans and canines also celebrate with humorous and adorable chicken costumes.

These chickens--and the occasional duck--sure know how to strut their stuff.

You've heard of places going to the dogs. Edison might be the first town that has gone to the chickens.

Images via Edison Bird Festival

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Edison Bird Festival: Celebrating Fowl with a Chicken Parade