Ebony Kitties Unite for National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Join these shadowy felines in celebrating National Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17!

Black cats get a poor rap. They're aligned with many superstitions, including bad luck and witches.

But black cat lovers know there's no amount of cat shaming that could deter them from loving their dark-furred felines unconditionally.

To show you just how pawesome black cats are, we've put together a photo montage of ebony beauties that make us laugh and make us swoon, and show us there's nothing to be scared of!

"I'm ready for my close-up."

"Roger, do I need to remind you again of my personal space?"

Mum I appear to have some sort of parasite stuck to my back.

A photo posted by Blade & Nitro Blake (@blade_the_black_cat) on

"Caturday can't some soon enough."

"You did WHAT with my favorite scratching post?"

"I just love how that sunlight hits my eyes."

"You humans really thought you were going to leave without me?"

"I could so win every 'Survivor' challenge."

"We still don't understand why you can't tell us apart."

"Ohmypawd, it's Glinda the Good Witch coming to rescue me from these humans!"

"I'm sorry, did you say you needed this basket right meow?"

"They will never find me."

"I refuse to be in the family Christmas photo wearing this."

Christmas nap time #blackcats #cats #christmas

A photo posted by Nero (@nero104) on

"The humans will never be as clean as me."

"Haters gonna hate."

My cat be like #catsbelike #cats #blackcats

A photo posted by DrChrissy25 (@dr.chrissy25) on

Do you know someone who could use some black cat love? Share this with them!

On August 17, remember to show the world just how wonderful ebony kitties can be!

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Ebony Kitties Unite for National Black Cat Appreciation Day