Easter Bunny Ban: Popular UK Pet Store Will Put Pets Before Profit This Easter

Posted by Amber King
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The Sun

Instead of surprising children with live Easter bunnies, Pets at Home wants their customers to consider the responsibilities of owning a pet.

Easter bunnies have been a holiday tradition for generations. But this year, the popular UK pet chain, Pets at Home, hopes that the only bunnies children find in their baskets are made from either chocolate or stuffing.

In an attempt to stop the impulse buying of Easter rabbits, Pets at Home has announced they will stop rabbit sales from Good Friday until Easter Sunday. All 430 stores located throughout the UK are participating in the ban.

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Every year, parents surprise their children with the fluffy addition of a new pet on Easter morning. The rabbit is loved and coddled that Sunday and maybe a few days after, but as spring turns to summer, the novelty of having an Easter bunny wears off. Kids get bored, parents don't have the time, and countless rabbits are abandoned every year. Peter Pritchard from Pets at Home told The Sun:

"We pride ourselves on putting pets before profit so we've taken the decision not to sell rabbits during the upcoming Easter weekend. Nor will customers be able to adopt rabbits in need of rehoming from our in store adoption centers."

They want customers to think carefully about the responsibility of owning a pet before they make their decisions. Rabbits aren't the "low maintenance" pets many people believe them to be. They're intelligent, social animals that deserve to be a part of the family as much as dogs do. They live better, longer lives when kept indoors, and that means they should be housetrained, and the home should be bunny-proofed. Rabbits should also be spayed or neutered if you don't want them marking your walls, furniture, and floors.

Pets at Home will resume bunny sales after Easter. But if you're considering filling your child's Easter basket with a real-life Mr. Cottontail, they're also offering free classes to help families prepare for owning a pet.

What do you think about buying bunnies for Easter? Let us know in the comments.

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Easter Bunny Ban: Popular UK Pet Store Will Put Pets Before Profit This Easter