Ease Your Pet's Anxiety with the Calmz Anxiety Relief System

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
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This harness is simple and proven to be an effective anxiety relief tool for our pups. 

If your pup is feeling the pressure or finds itself in a stressful event, they will often experience decreased blood flow to the brain as their adrenaline and anxiety takes over. However, the great people of Calmz have made a product that can help.

The harness covers key oppression points located on the spine, which not only increases their blood flow but also calms them down. This will allow for their normal neural firing to kick back into gear so they can feel safe once more.

The Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs has proven to be highly effective for all sized dogs and it's only $129.99.

Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs

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This device is super simple and operates in an efficient way. All you have to do is strap the harness to your dog's back and watch it work. The device itself delivers NeuroSync Technology which consists of acoustic and vibration therapy using sounds such as soothing classical music and calming tones.

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The device is also a customer favorite.

One reviewer swears its worth its weight in gold:

As the owner of an extremely thunder phobic dog I'm always looking for ways to soothe his nerves. Our poor Rocky came to us as a rescue with an absolute terror of thunder, gun shots and fireworks. The first thunder storm at our house he tried to climb up my face!!! Not kidding. We took him in to the vet and described what happened, and asked what we could do for him. This isn't a little anxiety, this is heart pounding terror he experiences.
We walked out of the vet's office with horse tranquilizer. Yup, true. He panics so quickly and so hard that the vet didn't feel it was safe for us to not go straight to the big guns. Now, while that does work, it stones him out for hours. Really not what we wanted but we knew of no other options.
I decided to try the Calmz Anxiety Relief System and really didn't have huge expectations. I mean this dog of mine flips out.
It was stormy today when the Calmz came. We read the instructions and since Rocky was used to wearing a dog coat the harness was just no biggie for him.
If your dog isn't used to wearing anything on his body, be sure to follow the enclosed instructions on how to get your dog used to both the harness and this product. Some dogs are funny about things like that and the last thing you want to do is INCREASE their anxiety.
Fast forward to Rocky is wearing the harness with the Calmz unit in it's pocket and it's on and he's just fine with that. There was a clap of thunder and he twitched an ear. NO CLIMBING MY FACE! Then he rested his head on my leg and went to sleep.
I was stunned.
I'm going to tell our vet about this so they can recommend it too.

Another said it helped her dogs tremendously.

We have always had a lot of dogs. One of our sweetest is a middle aged beagle named Maggie. She is the most loving and mushy dog I have ever owned. We got her from a rescue and have had her for over six years. She is also one of our dogs that is very afraid of thunder and any type of firework. And I do not mean a little bit of panting and walking around. At the slightest sound of distant thunder or fireworks she goes into a full blown panic attack. She will walk into every room of our house multiple times. She will pant until she starts to gag. The thing she does that just screams fear is that she will just start to randomly urinate. I have tried to hug her and keep her close but she wants no part of it. This will last for about an hour after a firework or thunder clap. Needless to say I have a very good baseline to test out the calms anxiety system.

It did not take to long to do our first test. We have a bar that is on the water a few hundred feet away and they always shoot off big rockets on Friday and Saturday nights. As soon as I heard the first pop I put the vest on her and turned on the controller and put it in the vest. I really am greatful that the vest can be put on so quick. I picked the calming tone sound and vibrations. At first she start the panting and drooling but she did not seem to be doing her frantic walking. She walked around the room a little than to my utter disbelief she came back and sat next to me. This never happens. Her panting was also no where near the intensity that it normally is. I started a timer to see how long she was going to stay stressed. I had to restart the timer once because another firework went off. After 8 minutes she stopped her lite panting and was acting like her normal mellow self. I almost started crying. This compared to her normal panic was like night and day. I even got to recheck the results the next night. Sure enough more fireworks and I achieved the same results like the night before. Thank you so much. I never like to see an animal suffer and this device allowed my Maggie to get through her greatest fears.

The only mediocre review came from the actual construction of the vest. One reviewer said the vibrations and sounds helped, but that the vest didn't fit her dog and was poorly constructed.

If you know your pup could benefit from this effective device, you definitely want to snag one while you can.It will make them feel at ease which will always make you feel at ease, too. Right?

Does your pet suffer from anxiety? Do you think this will help? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Ease Your Pet's Anxiety with the Calmz Anxiety Relief System