DUI Checkpoints Even Apply to Horseback Riders in Denver

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Lakewood Police/Twitter

If you head out riding in Denver, Colorado, make sure that you don't drink first - even horseback riders have to pass through DUI checkpoints.

You might think nothing of having a few drinks with your friends in Denver and then heading out for a relaxed trail ride on a warm sunny day.

But your day can quickly take a downward turn if you encounter one of the many DUI checkpoints that police establish to help crack down on drinking and driving.

Police in Lakewood recently set up one of their DUI checkpoints but ended up checking drivers with single horsepower vehicles, too. A group of riders happened upon the checkpoint, which is a first for the Lakewood Police Department.

The Lakewood police took photos and posted them on Twitter. The riders passed through the checkpoint just fine, and no arrests were made.

Riding horses under the influence is a punishable offense, though, and a rider has previously been arrested when he was suspected of riding drunk. The arrest took place in 2013 in Boulder, Colorado. The man insisted that he was riding 600 miles to attend a wedding.

The chances of you ever coming across a DUI checkpoint while on your horse are small. Most checkpoints are held at night, and are often on busy roads. It's not terribly likely that you'll come across a checkpoint, but in case you do, it's important to realize that your horse may be spooked by the unusual scene and the powerful lights of the police cars.

It may be a wise decision to dismount and lead your horse up to the checkpoint, especially if you're in close proximity with other cars.

It can be nice to enjoy a glass of wine at the barn before or after the road, but just make sure that you monitor how much you drink. No matter what the horsepower of your vehicle, it's important to be responsible and safe.

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DUI Checkpoints Even Apply to Horseback Riders in Denver