Local Celebrity: Ducky the Pit Bull Gets Adopted After Three Years in a Shelter

Posted by Kirsten Peek
Ducky gets adopted.
Courtesy PAWS of Central Texas

Ducky the pit bull spent three long years in PAWS Shelter of Central Texas before finding her forever home.

Not much is known about the beginning of Ducky's life, according to Heather Dalby, PAWS director. But we do know that Ducky was transferred into PAWS Shelter of Central Texas, a no-kill shelter, from a municipal shelter as an adult.

"She has this fierce-looking face with cropped ears," said Dalby. "But she's so silly and fun-loving. She's almost not a dog."

Ducky's sweet, human-focused personality made her special to staff, volunteers, and the community. Over the course of Ducky's three years at PAWS, she became a local celebrity as multiple people expressed interest in adopting, but it always fell through.

Ducky the Pit Bull
Courtesy of Nathaniel Parker

"Her prey drive is so high and she guards her toys, so we couldn't place her in a home with children, cats or other dogs," explained Dalby. "Our population has a hard time adopting pit bulls, plus, her age was a factor. She is the longest stay [at PAWS]."

Since the shelter is located near a college campus, pit bulls are particularly difficult to place due to breed restrictions at many Texas State University student apartment complexes.

When Nathaniel Parker stopped by the shelter in March, PAWS staff tried not to get their hopes up as he asked questions about Ducky after seeing her in the kennels. They disclosed the circumstances that made Ducky particularly difficult to place.

"I went home and it just tore me up that she had been there so long," he said. "I came back for a meet and greet--and we just hit it off."

PAWS sent Ducky home with Parker as a temporary foster to make sure it was a good fit. After several days, Parker returned to the shelter to make it official.

"The whole time I was fostering her, I know they were worried I was going to change my mind," he said. "But it made me so happy to see her happy. She had been in the kennels for so long, and now she sleeps on the bed with me."

In the eight months since the adoption, Ducky has settled into her new home, and continues to be a local celebrity.

"She loves riding in the front seat of my truck, and I run in to people all the time that know her," he said. "We'll stop for gas and people will come up to me and say, 'hey--is that Ducky?' People thank me for giving her a home, but I can't imagine not having her there."

Nathaniel said that the transition was seamless and that Ducky's favorite activities include laying around, cuddling, and chasing tennis balls.

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Local Celebrity: Ducky the Pit Bull Gets Adopted After Three Years in a Shelter