Backyard Pet Ducks are Wonderful for Eggs, Pest Control and Landscaping

Posted by Christy Caplan
Pet Ducks

Do you love fresh duck eggs from the farmer's market? What about having them for dinner but the eggs are from your own pet ducks?

Another reason to raise pet ducks is they eat slugs and snails which are gross and everywhere where I live in the Pacific Northwest. Backyard Poultry also shares that they require fairly simple housing needs.

"Unlike roosters, male ducks do not crow and are very quiet. Although females ducks do quack, happy, well-kept ducks are usually quiet."

Here are five reasons ducks make great pets.

1. Ducks are consistent egg layers 

The Cape Coop tells us that ducks typically lay an average of 200-250 eggs per year, which is pretty similar to chickens. According to this expert, ducks lay through winter. Maybe I should have ducks vs. chickens! 

"Ducks remain productive even into old age--6, 7, even 8 or 9 years old.  Ducks are also more productive layers during the short winter days, while many chickens take the winter off. Plus duck eggs are awesome for making baked goods light & fluffy!" 

2. They're adorable and super friendly

Most ducks enjoy the company of other ducks, so the more the merrier! Chickens are the opposite, and can take weeks or even months to welcome newcomers into their flock and pecking order.

Watching ducks in a kiddie pool is hilarious. Freshwater in their pool is a PARTY.

If you're interested in learning about which breeds are friendly and those that are more dominant, check out this article by Purely Poultry.

3. Ducks are solid for pest control

Got slugs? Get ducks. Free-range ducks eat pests that chickens tend to ignore. Whether it's giant worms, slimy slugs or spiders, ducks have it handled. Chickens have a reputation for passing up slugs and other pests, so your poultry pest control isn't really complete without some ducks. 

4. Pet ducks are cold hardy and heat tolerant

Ducks are hardy, but like chickens, they do need a place to escape the elements and predators. Every expert will tell you that ducks (and geese) are less prone to most common poultry diseases and are generally hardier than chickens in cold and wet weather. 

5. A kiddie pool works!

My Pet Chicken confirms that a shallow wading pool like a kiddie pool is great for a few ducks.

"While ducks and geese LOVE water and enjoy periodic access to at least a shallow wading pool (deep enough for them to dip their heads under), they don't have to have access to water all the time. You can let them have a "swimming party" once a week or so, or whenever it fits your schedule. You'll enjoy it, too, as they will put on quite a show! When finished, you can use the water in your garden, so nothing is wasted."

What didn't I tell you? Ducklings are adorable! Do your research on the type of domestic duck and breeds of duck you'd like to add and if you have chickens you must determine if you want to manage the mess a duck makes when chicken housing is fairly easy to maintain.

Chicken eggs and duck eggs absolutely taste different! The duck eggs are richer so make sure you enjoy that taste.

Also, duck care is still similar to chicken keeping and they'll need predator-proof housing (raccoons!), clean drinking water and clean swimming water!

Research Runner ducks, Pekin ducks, and Muscovy ducks, as these are the three more popular breeds.

Know someone who would like to add ducks to their backyard flock? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Backyard Pet Ducks are Wonderful for Eggs, Pest Control and Landscaping