Duck Bills Make for an Interesting Muzzle Alternative

Posted by Tori Holmes
Dog bill muzzle

The word "muzzle" often has negative connotations, but this unique muzzle is trying to change that perception.

When people hear the world "muzzle" the first thought that often comes into their mind is a vicious, out-of-control dog. However, this is rarely the case. For most dogs, muzzles are a necessary item to keep them and those around them safe.

Fortunately, there is a new muzzle on the market that is fighting these misconceptions. Introducing the "Quack" duck bill muzzle:

Once on, these adorable muzzles transform your pup into a little duck. This muzzle offers the same benefits as traditional muzzles but does so in light-hearted way.

The Quack muzzle is perfect for dogs that are nervous when visiting the vet or groomer, or even those that have the bad habit of eating things off of the ground.

We love that the design of this muzzle turns something that many people find scary into a conversation starter that may educate them on the benefits of muzzles for some dogs.

Would you use this muzzle on your dog? Let us know in the comments below!

All images via Japan Trend Shop.

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Duck Bills Make for an Interesting Muzzle Alternative