'Here Lies Duchie, the Good Rabbit': Man Stumbles Upon Century-Old Bunny Grave Stone

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Gravestone of a pet rabbit
All images via Facebook/Sid Saunders.

When this Englishman stumbled upon a marker in the woods, he wasn't prepared to find a bunny grave stone. 

At 73 years old, Sid Saunders does a lot of walking, and on one occasion this walking led him to the site of a century-old bunny grave stone.

"I lost my wife three-and-a-half years ago, so I started doing my old hobbies - a lot of walking and photography," he said in an interview with the Hastings Observer.

It was during a walk in Marline Wood, in East Sussex, England two years ago that Saunders came across the stone. At first all he saw was a small bit of concrete poking out of the ground, but when he began clearing away the undergrowth, he realized it was a headstone.

He returned the following day to clean the moss off the stone, and when he did, he was able to read the following inscription, with a small bunny carved into the stone:

In Memory of the Little
Born August 1869
Died December 1882

Man kneeling by rabbit gravestone.

Saunders believes that Duchie was of the Dutch rabbit breed. He also suspects that Duchie -- who at 13 years, lived a long life for a rabbit -- was a beloved family pet.

"It's obvious the family had money to buy a headstone," he said. "It must have been part of the estate there."

Saunders returned to the woods recently to clean up the grave stone once more.

"It's something for this 73-year-old man to keep his brain active," he said.

He hopes to do some research to find out more about the family who created this headstone for their beloved family pet.

What would you do if you found a pet cemetery? Let us know in the comments below! 

All images via Facebook/Sid Saunders.

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'Here Lies Duchie, the Good Rabbit': Man Stumbles Upon Century-Old Bunny Grave Stone