Drowning Piglet Rescued Just as He Gives Up Hope

Posted by TF Oren

WATCH NOW: Piglet Rescued from Well Just in Time

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Animal Aid Unlimited in India received a call about a piglet that had fallen into a well.

With no way - and nowhere - to rest, the exhausted piglet's struggle was futile. Each second that ticked by was a second closer to drowning.

Animal Aid's rescue team wasted no time getting to the scene. They quickly harnessed a rescuer and lowered him into the well via rope, just as the piglet was starting to drown.

The rescuer swam to the struggling piglet, scooped him up, and both were lifted to safety.

Check out this incredible eleventh hour rescue:

Once on dry land, the little piglet was whisked away to Animal Aid's shelter, where he underwent an examination and received treatment for his ordeal.

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to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless work on behalf of India's street animals and find out how you can help save more lives.

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Drowning Piglet Rescued Just as He Gives Up Hope