Drive Scientific Research by Simply Reporting on Your Own Dog

Posted by Tori Holmes
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What if your dog's quirky behaviors could tell you something about their genetic makeup?

Embark Veterinary, the world leader in dog DNA testing, and Dognition, the online dog cognition service, are joining forces to conduct the world's largest study of canine behavioral genetics.

With more than 5,000 dogs taking part, this study will allow us to understand why dogs act they way they do. Using Embark's genetic information and Dognition's cognitive and behavioral data, researchers will explore the origin of behavioral tendencies, the rate of cognitive decline based on genes and breed, the level to which environment and breed affect behavior, and which training methods are most effective at different ages and stages.

Dognition and Embark behavioral genetics research study

What's really cool is that this study won't just help us understand our dogs better - it will impact human health research as well. Because dogs are so behaviorally different, studying the genes underlying these behaviors can provide insight into human health.

At this point you're probably thinking to yourself, "this is pretty cool, I wonder what my dog's personality says about their genetics." Well, you're in luck. Dog owners from around the world are invited to enroll in the study and report their finding to drive scientific discoveries.

Dognition and Embark behavioral genetics research study

Owners who participate in the study will learn about their dog's genetic makeup as well as the cognitive strategies their dog employs that shape their approach to everyday life.

If you're interested in enrolling your dog in the study, you can get Embark's DNA testing kit and Dognition's cognition assessment kit at a discounted bundle rate until November 24, 2016. You also have the chance to win great prizes, including Embark and Dognition's bundled package, by entering their Instagram contest.

For more information on the study and how you can enroll, visit Embark's website.

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Drive Scientific Research by Simply Reporting on Your Own Dog