The Door Buddy Latch Is a Convenient Way to Dog-Proof a Home

Posted by Allison Johnson
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Whether you need baby-proofing or just need to keep your dog out of your cat's personal space, you need to rethink your door situation. Think about the room where your cat's litter box may reside. If you have pets or even younger kids that can't seem to leave your cat's litter box alone, you need the Door Buddy.

Many pet owners with multiple pets don't want to have to keep their fur babies in the kennel while they're away. Dog-proofing is the way to go. This adjustable door strap keeps interior doors opened just enough for cats to slip in and out. I bet your cat has thought at some point, "Just leave me alone!" because of persistent dogs.

Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap and Latch - Grey. Dog Proof Litter Box

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Cats just want to lounge in their favorite hangout rooms in peace while you're at work. This is the perfect solution for multi-pet households. I would definitely prefer this over a pet gate or baby gate. It offers much more convenient access for cats. So how does it work? Simple! Just peel and stick it to the door. The Door Buddy comes with strong 3M adhesive strips and two extras.

Each end attaches to the door and the door frame. The Door Buddy is perfect for the laundry room or wherever you keep pet treats. Customer reviews are fantastic. An Amazon customer said this worked perfectly for her small dog that weighs 15 pounds. Large dogs will have no chance at the cat's food.  You will officially have your dog-proofed litter box once and for all.

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Why door buddy?

The Door Buddy adjustable strap simply lets cats be cats. We all know our fur babies don't want to play as much as our dogs. Felines will be felines! If they want to spend half of their day sleeping under the bed without a pup jumping in their face, let them be. The Door Buddy works on all types of doors! It's compatible with swinging doors, pocket doors, double doors, and even bi-fold doors. Your cat will always have easy access inside.

You can get the door buddy door latch, or even opt for the latch and door stopper combo. The door stopper serves as pinch guard protection for your feline's tail. I can't think of an easier way to keep dogs out of the cat litter box and cat food. This Door Buddy keeps your dogs from messing with your cat's itinerary... that consists of sleeping all day!

If you've ever had to clean up cat poop due to your dog's curiosity, you know exactly what the Door Buddy customers have been through. Get yourself a Door Buddy for a cleaner and calmer living space.

This post was originally published on January 2, 2020.

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The Door Buddy Latch Is a Convenient Way to Dog-Proof a Home