Don't Throw out Those Pumpkins - MSPCA Pigs Want Them

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Some pigs in Dalarna, Sweden

Don't throw out your holiday pumpkins - the pigs at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm will happily eat them! 

If you have uncarved pumpkins sitting around after Halloween, don't throw them out. The MSPCA at Nevins Farm wants your pumpkins to feed to their pigs.

The MSPCA posted the following message on Facebook:

So far the post has been shared over 500 times, so hopefully the pigs will have plenty of pumpkins to eat.

Nevins Farm is located in Methuen, Massachusetts, and is home to countless farm animals including pigs, goats, horses, and more. The pigs adore eating pumpkins and come running any time that a pumpkin is thrown into their enclosure. It takes them just minutes to devour the tasty treat, and then they'll be looking around for more.

So far, the farm has collected over 100 pumpkins for the pigs. They're stacked in a pile next to the pigs' enclosure, and the pigs spend lots of time staring at the pile.

While pumpkins are good for the pigs, the staff are careful to only feed pumpkins which are in good shape. Pumpkins which are decorated or beginning to rot can upset the pigs' stomachs, so those pumpkins are best for compost, not pig food.

If you're local to Nevins Farm, be sure to stop down and donate any pumpkins you may have. And if you're not close to Methuen, Massachusetts, stop by your local farm to see if the farmers would like some pumpkins for their pigs.

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Don't Throw out Those Pumpkins - MSPCA Pigs Want Them