Donkeys Rescued in Unusual Location After Hurricane Irma

Posted by Jason Sarna
donkey rescue
Screenshot via video by Ryleigh Watkins via 10 News

Most donkeys travel by land, but these donkeys travel by water?

Hurricane Irma nailed Florida last weekend with fierce winds and heavy rainfall - leaving many animals in need of help.

In Lakeland, Florida, several donkeys - yes, donkeys - were spotted in some high water with no way out.

A group of concerned citizens sprang to action by hopping on an airboat and speeding to the rescue, which was captured on Snapchat by Lakeland resident Ryleigh Watkins.

According to 10 News, the rescuers were able to grab the donkeys by the ears and lead them to safety. Five donkeys, including babies, were saved total.

There is no word on where the donkeys came from or how they ended up in the water.

Several other animals throughout Florida are in need of help due to Hurricane Irma. Especially those animals living in the Florida Keys, where Irma hit hardest. To read more about how you can help, click here.

What other land traveling animals have you seen rescued in water? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Donkeys Rescued in Unusual Location After Hurricane Irma