Donkeys Grieve over Lost Friend and It's Heartbreaking

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you watch these donkeys grieve over their lost friend, you'll never be able to say that animals don't have feelings. 

Death is a sad but necessary part of life. When a herd member dies, donkeys and horses often grieve the loss of that member. Because donkeys and horses live in close-knit herds, a member's absence is quickly noticed and can greatly affect the herd members.

Donkeys and horses are highly social and tend to bond closely to other herd members, so a death can be upsetting to them.

The donkeys in this video are clearly mourning the loss of their herd member. As the donkeys grieve, you can see them processing the loss. The herd member's body is present, allowing them to inspect the body and register the fact that the donkey is gone. At the same time, though, it's absolutely heartbreaking to watch them process and mourn the loss.

It's recommended that, whenever possible, you let a horse or donkey see the body of a friend who has passed. Being able to see and inspect the body can help animals to acknowledge the fact that the friend isn't coming back, and hasn't simply been taken off the farm. Many horse and donkey owners believe that by letting the animals see the body, you can help to process their grieving process.

If you own a horse or a donkey who has recently lost a friend, then it's important to give them time to deal with their loss. You can help them to grieve by spending some quiet time with them, grooming or hand grazing them. If your horse or donkey is now alone on the property, then you will want to bring in a companion animal soon. It's also important to make sure that your animals continue to eat normally.

With time, animals are able to process their grief in the same way that humans do. But this video is evidence that they strongly feel the loss of a herd member, and that they definitely do grieve.

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Donkeys Grieve over Lost Friend and It's Heartbreaking