Donkey Milk May Be the Next Health Craze

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Moooove over cow's milk. The health benefits of donkey milk make this farm beverage all the rage.

More and more alternative milk products are hitting the shelves, from almond and soy to rice and coconut. Lactose-free and organic options abound among a myriad of percentage signs for milk from the cows.

Goats and sheep are being utilized for their milking benefits, too. But now, donkeys are getting noticed.

While it would seem that donkey milk is a new fad, history suggests otherwise. Cleopatra took baths in the white liquid and the Romans made beauty products out of it. The Greeks revered donkey milk as a health remedy and Pope Francis was bottle-fed it.


A Swedish company called Eurolactis is selling donkey milk, but with a labor-intensive price. Unlike cows, who produce thousands of gallons a year, it takes 15 donkeys to produce just one gallon of milk. Add to the workload the beverage's nutritional and immune-boosting benefits, and you have to fork up a whopping 40 euros per liter.

Lacking the A1 casein mutation, Eurolactis doesn't have the allergic reactions many drinkers of cow's milk experience.

Drinking donkey milk could take a while to catch on, but it's not as wild a notion as many might think. In fact, exotic mammal milk only seems odd in more progressive nations. Other countries, specifically in the Middle East, have long relied on a multitude of animals, such as camels, for milking.

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Donkey Milk May Be the Next Health Craze