Donkey Milk Is Making Headlines Again

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Grazing donkeys

What tastes great in recipes and is an antidote for skin disease, bronchitis, and more? Donkey milk, and it's about to hit your grocery store.

You may have seen a new addition to the milk aisle lately, particularly in health food stores that understand why donkey milk is rooting to be a superfood.

Historically used by icons like Cleopatra and Pope Francis, even centurions recognized the health benefits of this labor-intensive liquid of a four-legged god.

As donkey milk is becoming valued across Western countries, its incredible healing qualities are being tapped with rewarding results, bringing some to even bathe in the white beverage.

Donkey milk has proven to be effective at battling skin disease, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and other immune-related medical conditions. The superpowers of this therapeutic drink are due to its protein composition, which is similar to human milk but lower in fat.

And just in case dairy drinking isn't your cup of tea, donkey cheese is also a thing.


This new wave of a health fad could even be the key to donkey conservation in Montenegro, where populations dropped from 500 to 150 in just over six years. The animal is now on a national conservation registry, with the popularity of its milk causing an overdue increase in donkey reverence.

A donkey sanctuary that dots the Mediterranean countryside is staying afloat due to the animal's milk production. While per capita production is significantly lower than that of a cow, sheep, or even goat, the outstanding health qualities have proven donkey milking and conservation worthwhile. The sanctuary, open to the public, has seen a number of autistic children bonding with the animals.

More good news? Donkey milk lacks A1 casein, a common cause for dairy intolerance, meaning many who have been missing cookies and milk in their diet might still be able to partake in the health benefits of donkey milk.

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Donkey Milk Is Making Headlines Again