Dogs Really Help Humans, It's Science

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you're a dog lover, you already know how much dogs help humans, but now there's scientific proof. 

When you're feeling stressed, do you turn to your dog to help you relax? According to a study conducted by Pedigree, that's exactly what you should do.

While it's widely accepted that dogs help humans, the scientific evidence resulting from this study firmly reinforces just how beneficial dogs can be for their owners.

In the study, dog owners and their dogs were each equipped with a heart rate monitor. The owners and dogs were separated and their heart rates were recorded. Then, the owner and the dog spent some time relaxing together.

The study revealed that both the owner's and the dog's heart rates aligned, with the human's heart rate slowing down to closely mimic the dog's heart rate. The owner's heart rate lowered with the presence of a dog, proving the calming effects a dog can have.

In short, dogs help humans to relieve stress and relax.

With stress so prevalent in today's society, it's clearly important to make an effort to spend time with your dog. If you're feeling stressed, then schedule some time to take your dog for a walk, play with your dog, or just sit outside and enjoy nature.

Physical activity also helps to relieve stress, so playing with your dog or taking your dog for a walk or run is likely to have additional stress-relieving benefits.

If you want to share the benefits of your dog with people who don't have dogs themselves, then look into providing therapy services with your dog. Many hospitals and nursing homes bring in pets for visits to help improve patient morale and reduce stress. If your dog is calm, well-mannered, and likes people, he may be able to provide therapy visits with some training.

As dog owners, we're lucky people to be able to share our lives with these amazing creatures.

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Dogs Really Help Humans, It's Science