Little Dogs Protect Indian Household from Cobra

Posted by Mateja Lane

Julie and Karavachchi are little heroes to this Indian family.

As foreign as it seems to a U.S. audience, imagine having a hooded king cobra slither into your barbecue that could potentially be a serious threat. This is a common scenario in India, and luckily these dogs are on snake patrol.

Here is another example of how dogs can be a man's best friend...and protector.

Julie and Karavachchi are two tough little dogs living in the Dharampuri district of Tamil Nadu, India. The dogs can be seen initially trying to scare the snake away from their owners in the house but the snake has other plans and starts to show signs of aggression.

Julie is the little white dog who first catches the snake by the tail and proceeds to whip it around after it lunges at the dogs. Karavachchi follows his friend around providing moral support by yapping at the intruder.

The snake is eventually defeated and Julie saves the day.

This is reportedly the seventh snake that Julie has killed to protect his household. Julie's owners are more than grateful to have this little guy...can you imagine having a king cobra in your bed??

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Little Dogs Protect Indian Household from Cobra