These Dogs Are Not Happy Their Kids Are Going Back to School

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Most kids aren't super excited to be going back to school, but these dogs might be even more upset than the kids are!

Back to school time is filled with activity. Kids get back into their school schedules, which means that they're not home as much. Their free time is often filled up by sports and extracurricular activities. Many kids aren't thrilled to be going back to school, and these dogs definitely share that sentiment.

The dogs in this video are definitely not pleased to see their kids taken away by the school bus everyday. From grabbing their kids' backpacks to just physically trying to stop them from getting on the bus, these dogs will do just about anything to keep their kids with them. Take a look.

Is your dog upset by the fact that the kids are going back to school? Many dogs don't like the fact that they're suddenly home alone for long periods of time when school starts back up. You can help to alleviate this by making an effort to give your dog extra attention and exercise during the times that you are home. Your dog is more likely to curl up and go to sleep after he's had a good walk, so being home alone can be easier for him if he's gotten enough exercise.


You might also want to find a pet sitter or dog walker who can come in during the day and check on your dog. A bit of attention and a short walk can help to break up your dog's boredom and loneliness, leaving him happier and reducing the chance of his acting out with negative or destructive behavior. You can also look into putting your dog in a dog daycare type setting so that he has plenty of activity during the day.

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Don't worry pups, summer vacation is only 256 days, 13 hours, and 8 minutes away. Your kids will be home soon!

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These Dogs Are Not Happy Their Kids Are Going Back to School