Dogs Night Out Event Treats Kansas City Pets to Four-Course Meal

Posted by Amber King
All images via The Kansas City Star

La Bodega and Three Dog Bakery combine forces to make Dogs Night Out an event full of fun, food, and furry friendship.

La Bodega, a restaurant in Leawood, Kansas City that usually serves up the area's best tapas, adjusted their menu this past weekend to cater to their special canine clientele. The restaurant teamed up with Three Dog Bakery, a Kansas City-based multimillion dollar upscale dog food company, to deliver a four-course meal to every canine that walked through the door.

Pet parents throughout the city filled the restaurant's outdoor patio for the opportunity to enjoy a special night out with their canine companions. While their dogs feasted on yappatizers, grilled bread, chicken paw-ella, and churro cinnamon cake, pet owners ordered from the restaurant's full menu.

The Kansas City Star

Sarah Deters was the master chef behind the four-course dog meal. Deters started her culinary career working as a pastry chef, but once she saw how Three Dog Bakery combined delicious doggy treats with culinary mastery, she knew her next career move.

Deters has been with Three Dog Bakery for the past eight years and is now the corporate executive chef. She organizes several Dogs Night Out events every year, and she makes each one special by altering the meal based on the participating restaurant's menu.

Deters' canine cuisine was a big hit at La Bodega. By the end of the night, the staff had seated and served 54 dogs and 80 humans. Deters said in an interview with The Kansas City Star that all kinds of dogs and humans attend her events--

"Younger people who think their dogs are like their kids, and older people who have kids out of the house and now they have their dogs. It's a really good mix of people."

The Kansas City Star

One of those pet parents was Catherine Coakley.  Coakley brought her two-year-old Boxer, Stella, with her to the event. She said,

"I love being able to go out with her. I feel bad that I'm gone all day at work and she's at home. And I feel bad if I leave to go out, so it's fun that I can to bring her with me."

The event gave pet owners the rare opportunity to enjoy a nice night out with their dogs, and it will also help local no-kill shelters and the rescue animals they house. The four-course dog meal was $20 per pup, and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Three Dog Bakery Foundation, which supports local animal charities.

The next Dogs Night Out hasn't been scheduled yet, but check out the Three Dog website to learn more about the event.

All images via The Kansas City Star

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Dogs Night Out Event Treats Kansas City Pets to Four-Course Meal