Canine Booties: 10 Dogs Ready for the Elements and Looking the Part

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dogs in booties

Dog booties are really a win-win. They look cute and have a purpose!

They come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some are slip-ons while others are Velcro.

Booties can protect doggy paws from the cold and the heat. On winter walks, they can keep road salt from irritating toe webbing. In the summer, they can prevent burns on hot blacktop.

Dog booties also give traction indoors and outdoors for dogs with lameness, hip dysplasia, or arthritis.

Check out this collection of pups rockin' out in their fashionable bow-wow kicks.

The schnauzer who is just wearing them in.

Booties again? I thought it was spring! #dogsinbooties #snowymorning #schnauzer

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The dog who will do this purple thing if it means catching snowballs.

#realmenwearpurple #frostypup #dogsinbooties #ilovemydog

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The canine who was ready ten minutes ago so would you hurry up please.

The kid who is kinda unsure about where to go next.

The dog who knows you have a treat in your hand so would you just give it up already.

Check out my new boots mom bought me! #dogsofinstagram #dogsinbooties #wichitapets #aussiesofinstagram

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The Chihuahua who was okay with the new kicks but maybe let Mom go a little too far.

In Saint-Perssburg winter is back again ❄️☃🌨 Redi walks in shoes and clothes and enjoys the snow 😀🐶 В Санкт-Петербург снова вернулась зима❄️ Рэди гуляет в ботинках и одежде и радуется снегу 🐶👍🏻😀 #chihuahua #chi #chistagram #doglive #instachi #chilove #dog #instadog #smalldog #doglover #chihuagram #dogsinbooties #dogsclothes #chihuahualover #instapet #lovemychi #chihuahuaofficial #chihuahuadaisy #dogoftheday #чихуахуа #чих #маленькаясобачка #моднаясобака #зоогурман #плюшевыелапки #одеждадлясобак #собакавботинках #фотопетшопру

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The dog who has been ready for snow since Groundhog Day.

The fluffy duo who are calling red the new black.

The dog with tiny paws but a big heart.

The pooch who never understood shoes indoors.

As you can tell, dog booties aren't just for medical purposes. They're also super stylish.

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Canine Booties: 10 Dogs Ready for the Elements and Looking the Part