Dogs Fly in Maine's Dock Dogs Competition

Posted by TF Oren
All photographs by Carl Walsh for Portland Press Herald

Dogs of all shapes and sizes took to the air in Scarborough, Maine's first Dock Dogs competition of the summer.

The June 26 event featured three categories: longest jump, highest jump, and fastest retrieval. The top three finishers in each class and event received medallions and entry credits for subsequent Dock Dog events.

Astrid, a standard poodle from Rhode Island, makes a splash in the distance event.

The competition was steep, and teams came from all over the East coast to compete.

Dogs in the masters class for the distance event had to clear 20 feet to make it to the podium.

Yellow Lab Maise snatches a toy from midair during a gargantuan leap of 20 feet, 6 inches.

Not surprisingly, Labs claimed the top spot in each of the three categories, but there were strong showings from Golden Retrievers and a standard poodle, who flew a whopping 14 feet in its first ever distance competition.

Cooper, a black Lab from Vermont, placed among the top three in the Elite class of the Big Air Distance Event in the Dock Dogs competition on June 26.

Can't get enough flying dogs? You're in luck. There will be three more Dock Dogs events in Maine this summer. You can check out a list of the club's upcoming events here.

All photographs by Carl Walsh for Portland Press Herald.

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Dogs Fly in Maine's Dock Dogs Competition