How Do Dogs Feel About Lemons?

Posted by Stacey Venzel

These dogs have some funny reactions to tasting lemons, but watch out for the effects of citrus on your pet.

Humans have their own reactions to sour tastes, and these dogs do, too! The flavor hits their taste buds almost instantly, causing them to make entertaining sourpuss faces.

Some of the dogs even bark at the lifeless fruit as it lies on the floor. Check out the video for some silly dog faces in response to licking some lemon juice. But beware! Citrus fruits can be dangerous to dogs.

While their behavior is laughable, it's also a survival instinct. Citrus fruits, including lime, lemon, and grapefruit, can create GI issues for your dog. Grapefruit is even known to be poisonous to canines. Though the fruits differ in their level of toxicity and stomach upset, it is not wise to feed your dog any citrus foods.

The solid part of citrus fruits can irritate the digestive tract if swallowed. If your dog is a veteran trash digger, be wary of the peels, seeds, and citrus flesh tossed into the garbage.

A little bit of citrus fruit ingestion doesn't mean you'll have to rush your pet to the vet, but you should definitely keep an eye on them if they get their mouth around a slice. A dog who snags a whole lemon should make an emergency trip to the doctor.

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How Do Dogs Feel About Lemons?