See a Dog Meet a Real-Life Santa, Which Happens to Be His Favorite Toy

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When your dog's favorite toy is Santa, it only makes sense that you'd take him to meet the real man in red, himself!

Most dogs have a favorite toy. It's that one that they favor over all the others, refuse to put down, and take everywhere with them - on walks, while swimming, and even when they go to bed.

But it just so happens that John's dog's favorite toy is a stuffed Santa. So, John thought it only appropriate to take his dog to meet the real-life Santa.

The results? Absolutely adorable. This is probably one of the best pet-with-Santa photos out there, and this dog seems quite pleased to meet the giant-sized version of his favorite toy.

And we're not the only ones who love these photos. Since John Tweeted the images, they've been retweeted over 87,000 times.

Would you love a picture of your dog with Santa? Here are a few tips to help you out. First, look for a pet-specific Santa. Trying to fit your dog in among kids can be a chaotic scene, and you don't want to trigger a potential allergy for a child who is allergic to dogs.

Once you've located a Santa willing to take pet photographs, plan ahead. While it may be tempting to dress your dog up for the photo, you should take your dog's temperament into consideration when making this decision. Taking a photo with a big man in a suit can be intimidating and distracting for some dogs; adding the distraction of an outfit, hat, or crazy collar can further distract your dog. You should, however, bring along a few dog treats to help get your dog's attention and reward him for sitting still.

Pet pictures with Santa can be an interesting experience. You never know how your dog may react to seeing Santa, so don't put too much weight on getting a great photo. It may help if you remain in the photo with your dog, since your presence will be reassuring. Just be flexible and be willing to take what you can get in terms of a photo. There will be plenty more years to work on getting the perfect shot.

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See a Dog Meet a Real-Life Santa, Which Happens to Be His Favorite Toy