Dogs Don't Know What to Do When Their Owner Swings into Lake

Posted by Amber King
man jumping into lake on a rope swing with two dogs on the dock

This dog owner wasn't in danger, but he learned his Labs will always have his back.

When a man from Randolph County, NC decided to try out the new rope swing, his two Labs didn't know what to think.

They saw their owner safe on land, but all of a sudden he was flying into the water. He disappeared with a splash, and the sight was too much for the faithful Labs to handle.

The black Lab named Buster frantically ran along the shoreline crying, never taking his eyes off his owner. The equally troubled yellow Lab stayed on the dock at first, but he ended up making his own splash when he jumped into the water. Buster eventually jumped into the water too, and the pair furiously swam to the man they thought was drowning.

Buster cried the entire time during the rescue and seemed relieved to make it out to his owner.

Dogs seem to have a natural instinct to protect the humans they love, and whether the danger is a home intruder or a rope swing, they take their job as man's best friend very seriously.

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Dogs Don't Know What to Do When Their Owner Swings into Lake