Microsoft Employees Create Pet Calendar, Proceeds Go to Local Charities

Posted by Krissy Howard
Labrador guide dog and his disabled owner on green grass.

Microsoft employees are sticking with their 10-year fundraising tradition and using the proceeds to help raise money for rescues. 

For the pet parents of Microsoft, their annual fundraising efforts are an enjoyable event for all. Featuring cats, dogs, horses, and even iguanas, the yearly calendar project is spearheaded by employees of the company and is earning some seriously big bucks for a few animal-related causes located in their home state of Washington.

Starting in 2007 with its Cats of Microsoft Calendar, the set-up is fairly simple: the cover photo goes to the highest bidder, and the same rules apply for the 36 photos featured in the monthly slots. It may be a competitive, and expensive, friendly game amongst coworkers, but the contributions collected in support of the fundraiser far surpassed the expected total of $1,000 in its first year, reaching an incredible $44,000!

Since then, matching contributions from the company's philanthropic arm, along with employee gifts, have raked in around $80,000.

Summit Assistance Dogs

Proceeds collected from the Cats of Microsoft revenue are donated to Forget Me Not Animal Shelter, which is located in nearby Republic, Washington. As of last year, proceeds from the Dogs of Microsoft calendar were directed to support Summit Assistance Dogs, a non-profit that works to provide mobility service dogs to those living with disabilities.

This year's calendar, featuring training manager of Microsoft's legal affairs and lobbying group Mark Swatzell's adorable Labrador puppies, will also work to benefit the organization.

"You can really see how your dollars work," Karen Easterbrook, a manager in Microsoft's research department, told Seattle Times. "Our dollars built this building."

If you're interested in helping support either of these great causes, you can land your very own Pets of Microsoft calendar for just $30 by visiting either Forget Me Not Animal Shelter or Summit Assistance Dogs.

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Microsoft Employees Create Pet Calendar, Proceeds Go to Local Charities