Dogs Balancing Things on Their Heads Is Newest Social Media Trend

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dogs balancing

Magician, model, or artist? The balancing acts of these canines will have your wondering.

We all take photos of the dog. And while we think every photo of Spot is the cutest and funniest in all the land, other humans are thinking the same thing about their dogs.

But it seems there is one pooch photo that catches peoples' eyes no matter whose dog it is.

Canines have taken to balancing the most unlikely objects on their heads with seriously no strings attached. Their balancing skills are impressive.

See for yourself.

Food seems to be a priority for many, from cheese...

Cheese Gromit! ? #cheesegromit #dogsbalancingthings #dogsandcheese #cheddar

A photo posted by Maya from the Southwest! (@maya_golden_retriever) on

to kale.

Oh Louie. #dogsbalancingthings

A photo posted by Grace Yee (@graceyeedesign) on

Nature is also fun to play with...

Opie has a pine cone on his head

A photo posted by Dan Schaumann (@danschaumann) on

and some dogs are redefining what it means to fetch.

Spoons are no longer just for eating.

And tape isn't just for taping.

Trying to balance all my responsibilities like ?

A photo posted by Adventures Of Huckleberry Funn (@huckleberryfunn) on

Some haven't given up on the Cheerios Challenge...

#dogsbalancingthings #cheerios #schnorkie

A photo posted by Julia (@juliaanne79) on

While others have moved on to more terrifying antics.

Some dogs agree, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere...

While others stick with bacon and eggs in the morning.

Some are still working on their Frisbee skills...

@heeler_iver showing us how it's done. #dogsbalancingthings

A photo posted by Dogs Balancing Things (@dogsbalancingthings) on

While others kick back with a soda from the sidelines.

Dogs are masters at stealing our hearts, and they're getting pretty good at balancing things, too.

Got a photo of your canine showcasing his skills? Tag us @wopets on Instagram with the hashtag #dogsbalancingthings!

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Dogs Balancing Things on Their Heads Is Newest Social Media Trend