Dog's Ashes Stolen in Wisconsin, Returned Thanks to Social Media

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When their dog's ashes were stolen right out of the front seat of their car, a Wisconsin family was devastated. 

When the Flewelling family's 13-year-old Golden Retriever passed away, it was heartbreaking enough. But then the dog's ashes were stolen out of the family's car, only adding to the devastation they already felt.

The Janesville, Wisconsin family had picked up Frankie's ashes from the vet last Friday. The dog's ashes were in a purple gift bag on the front seat of the car, and the bag was stolen out of their unlocked car only shortly after. Perhaps the thief thought there was something highly valuable in the gift bag. And they would have been right - the dog's ashes were extremely valuable to the Flewelling family.


The family had planned to put the ashes into a bracelet or necklace, but the thief changed their plans. They reported the incident to the Janesville Police, and each morning they checked the front porch in hopes that the ashes had been returned.

Thankfully, the family didn't give up hope. Because on February 22nd, Frankie's ashes were returned to her family. Khali Flewelling reported the happy news on Facebook.

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We're so glad that Frankie has been returned home and wish her family peace during this difficult time.

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Dog's Ashes Stolen in Wisconsin, Returned Thanks to Social Media