THC Dangers: Why Dogs and Marijuana Don't Mix

Posted by Tori Holmes
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With marijuana being legalized in a number of states, veterinarians are seeing a rise in the number of dogs treated for marijuana poisoning after consuming the drug or products containing THC.

When dogs consume marijuana, they experience a variety of negative side effects including lethargy, a wobbling gait, dribbling urine and saliva, and sensitivity to light and noise. While none of these symptoms are life-threatening, they are by no means pleasant for your pet.

The treatment itself is fairly simple. If the drugs were recently consumed, vomiting can be induced to get them out of the dog's body before they start to show the effects. However, if it's too late for that, you will need to keep the dog hydrated in a quiet place for a few hours to days until the drugs pass.

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So why is it that dogs experience such negative effects from marijuana? While we don't know for certain if dogs are less able to tolerate the active psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC, we do know that the size of the dog plays a big part.

The amount of marijuana needed for a 150-pound human to feel the effects will be nearly 10 times the amount a 15-pound dog needs.

While there is a serious threat of your pet experiencing marijuana poisoning from consuming the drug, with proper care it can offer the same benefits that humans use it for.

For pets experiencing issues like severe arthritis, using medicine derived from cannabis can be very beneficial.

It should be noted that just because dogs account for nearly all reported cases of marijuana poisoning it doesn't mean it can't happen to cats as well. Cats simply don't have the same habit of eating things off the ground that dogs do.

Keep an eye out on your pets if there is marijuana around!

Do you make sure your dog or cat aren't eating things they aren't supposed to? Let us know what your tactics are in the comments below. 

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THC Dangers: Why Dogs and Marijuana Don't Mix