Doggles Are the Next Best Thing in Eye Fashion & Protection

Posted by Stacey Venzel
a cute chihuahua wearing goggles and sitting outside during summer time

Whether for show or comfort, doggles are something we can't get enough of.

Remember when sports goggles were a thing? Those childhood photos of you on the soccer field with a mouthguard and bulky eyewear is laughable now, but the Fashion Police is aware that this equipment provided a purpose.

Doggles provide a purpose, too--but canines definitely rock them better than humans.

Protection from sun, wind, and rain, doggles let a dog love life however and wherever he darn well pleases.

And, thankfully, you have a myriad of options to choose from.

Doggles Medium K9 Optix Sunglasses for Dogs, Silver Frame, Pink Lens


For the beach-going pup, sunbathing just took a turn for the better. Keep the sun's rays at bay with these stylish tinted glasses, only $15.28.

Doggles ILS Sunglass


Diva dogs can complete their outfit with this zebra patterned eyepiece, now available for $21. They're anti-fog proof with 100% UV protection and an adjustable chin strap to boot.

QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear Protection Waterproof Pet Sunglasses for Dogs about over 15 lbs



If your dog rides a Harley, he'll fit right into the motorcycle club with these. Four colors are available, as is an anti-fog option. Base price is only $7.99!

Doggles Originalz Blue Frame / Blue Lens, Choose a size: LARGE


Pooches that hit the poolside will want to get their paws on these. At $20.89 with free shipping, anti-fog and 100% UV protection, your canine will be ready to lounge on those humid summer days.

PETLESO Large Dog Goggles Sunglasses UV Goggles Goggles Golden Retriever Goggles


Frequent car riders will enjoy this eyewear, perfect for hanging out the window at all speeds. These shatterproof lenses are only $9.99.

Doggles K9 Optix Blue Rubber Gradient Frame with Smoke Lens Sunglasses, Medium


Sporty pups will look extra hip with these glasses. The rubber frame is flexible and the lenses are both UV protected and shatterproof.


black lab wearing dog goggles

We think every dog named Daisy should have these, but that's just our opinion. Help your pup get her purple on with this fashionable flowerwear. These cost $24.99 plus $3.99 shipping.

So many doggles to choose from! Which will it be?

Humans investing in eye protection for their pet might also invest in paw protection. Fear not! Fashionable but functioning booties are widely available.

If you've got a photo of your canine sporting some doggles, we'd love to see it. Give us a shoutout on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured! You can also comment below; even add a picture!

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Doggles Are the Next Best Thing in Eye Fashion & Protection