Dog Yoga: It's Called Doga, And It's a Real Thing

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Humans doing yoga with pets is a new fad, but now there are yoga classes just for animals.

Downward dog has a whole new meaning.

Yoga enthusiasts and horse lovers have taken to horseback yoga while cat shelters are having felines roam around the mats to find new owners during human yoga class. Yoga aimed specifically at pets only seems a natural segue from these alternative bonding experiences. We already catch our pets flaunting their flexibility in crazy positions, so why not ask them to join us?

Doga is just what it sounds like--yoga class for dogs.

Yet again, Seattle has also gone to the dogs with its own "dogi" following. Check out the video below of some doga participants at a studio in the Emerald City.

Owners are instructed on stretching and massage techniques to help heal and calm their companions. Humans can practice their own yoga poses while simultaneously helping their dogs practice the spiritual healing art, too. Dogs who have chronic injuries could especially benefit from a doga session.

An added benefit from the classes is the increased owner-pet bond. As a sort of pet therapy, owners are required to get up close and personal with their canine companions. A heavy level of trust is involved in the process, boosting the emotional ties between two-legged and four-legged creatures.

Alternative medicine is becoming mainstream for humans, so why not for pets? If a human can benefit from acupuncture, why not a chicken?

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Dog Yoga: It's Called Doga, And It's a Real Thing