Dog Wows 'America's Got Talent' by Reading Cue Cards and Counting

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Mia the Cockapoo just amazed 'America's Got Talent' judges with her counting and reading skills. 

We all know that dogs are smart. If you think your dog knows what the word "walk" means, and that he's even learned what it means when you spell out "w-a-l-k," well, you're probably not imagining things.

Dogs are highly perceptive and trainable, even when we aren't trying to train them. But when an "America's Got Talent" contestant claimed that her dog could count and read cue cards, well, let's just say that the judges had their doubts.

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But Mia Moore (say it out loud), a Cockapoo, and her owner, Edna Moore, proved everyone wrong. Edna noted that Mia has quite the wardrobe, and that the dog can count any number between 1 and 50. She also reads flash cards and will bark out the number that's on the cards.

Naturally, the judges put Mia to the test. Howie Mandel asked Mia to count to four, and she did with perfect accuracy. Then Simon Cowell asked Mia to count to 16. She did so accurately.

Edna summoned host Tyra Banks onstage with flash cards. Tyra held up the card with the number 20. After a moment, Mia barked - 20 times.

Don't believe us? See Mia's audition in the video below.

Now, it's no wonder that the judges put Mia through to the next rounds - a counting dog who can also read flash cards? That's seriously unusual.

Unless you've heard of Clever Hans the horse. Clever Hans was a famous Orlov Trotter who was rumored to be able to count, do math, and perform other tasks which would have made him the smartest horse, well, ever. News of Clever Hans spread during the early 1900s, but two psychologists investigated the horse and found that he was actually reading nearly imperceptible cues from his handler. The cues were so slight that his handler wasn't even aware that he was cuing the horse, but Hans knew the cues were there.

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When doing math, Hans was usually asked to paw with a hoof, striking the ground a certain number of times. His handler would focus on what Hans was doing and wouldn't realize that he was inadvertently relaxing his shoulders or exhaling when Hans reached the correct number. But Hans could see those signals and knew to stop. Therefore, he got the answers right.

Could Mia be doing the same thing? Possibly. Either way, there's no denying that she's a super smart dog, and we look forward to seeing her next performance!

Do you think Mia will make it through the next round of competition? Vote in the comments below.

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Dog Wows 'America's Got Talent' by Reading Cue Cards and Counting