Dog with GoPro Captures Couple's Snowy Wedding and It's Beautiful

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A GoPro attached to a dog's collar has created a stunning and memorable account of one couple's very special day.

When it comes to capturing photos and videos of your wedding day, most couples opt for professional photographers and videographers. Some get really creative with fun shots of the bridal party, and there are countless photographers who capture stunning photos of the bride and groom before, during, and after the ceremony.

But there probably isn't a wedding video as special as this one - and it was taken by the family's dog, Ryder. Ryder's enthusiastic and friendly character led her to chronicle the day's preparations, the wedding ceremony itself on the snowy Roan Mountain in Tennessee, and the many people present for the celebration afterwards.

Perhaps the best part of this video comes with Ryder's mad dash through the trees as she heads to the ceremony site. This couple picked a gorgeous spot on a day blessed with amazing weather, and when Ryder reaches them, you can't help but be awed by the beauty of it all.

This is one special video, and you can be sure that it's something that the family will treasure forever. From darting through the frosted trees to the unique perspective of family and friends, Ryder's videotaping skills add a warm and personal touch to this memorable wedding video.

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Dog with GoPro Captures Couple's Snowy Wedding and It's Beautiful