Dog Walking with His Own Food Becomes Symbol of Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Mateja Lane

It's going viral because there really are a thousand words in this picture.

As Hurricane Harvey devastates towns along the Texas Gulf shores, everyone is feeling the effect including displaced animals.

Otis the German Shepherd mix lives in Sinton, Texas, one of the many towns that have seen historic flooding over the weekend. The dog got loose as the storm hit on Friday night from Salvador Segovia's screened-in porch. Segovia was watching the dog for his family who had evacuated the city. Otis belonged to Segovia's five-year-old grandson and when he realized Otis had escaped, he was heartbroken.

"I kept yelling his name and yelling his name and he wasn't around," Segovia told Saturday afternoon. 


Luckily Otis hadn't gone far and neighbor Tiele Dockens spotted him walking by. But he hadn't left the porch empty-mouthed, making sure to carry his entire bag of food for his journey. Dockens was able to get a photo and the image has since gone viral. 

The town knows Otis, too. He walks himself to the local HEB grocery store from time to time, and is known to be a special dog. He helps his five-year-old owner Carter with his asthma by alerting him before attacks and has even accompanied him to the hospital when he has seizures.

Maybe Otis was trying to brave the storm to find Carter and make sure he was safe.

Segovia brought Otis home to wait for the rest of the family to return. And they will be returning to the new face of Texas hardiness as Otis now represents how everyone is getting through this natural disaster, one bag of food at a time.

To help animal victims of Hurricane Harvey, you can donate money any of these shelters, and if you live in Texas or surrounding states, reach out to your local animal shelters to see if they need any foster help with displaced animals or specific donations like towels or food.

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Dog Walking with His Own Food Becomes Symbol of Hurricane Harvey