Dog Visits Terminally Ill Owner in Hospital, Granting Final Wish

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this dog visits her terminally ill owner in the hospital, there isn't a dry eye on the entire floor. 

One of the most difficult parts about being in the hospital for a long span of time is the fact that, generally, pets aren't allowed to visit. While service animals are allowed into hospitals, pets aren't, and both owners and pets start to miss each other. So when this dog granted her terminally ill owner's wish to see her for one last time, it was a very touching occasion.

Rebane Chili, 49, was admitted to the hospital with terminal cancer. Chili missed her dog greatly and requested to see her one more time. When the dog arrives, she seems determined to stay as close to Chili as possible, and Chili is clearly thrilled to see her. Take a look.

Pets aren't allowed into hospitals for many obvious reasons. Hospitals have to stay as clean as possible, and some people have severe allergies to pets. But that doesn't mean that all animals are kept out of hospitals entirely.

Therapy animals are sometimes allowed to visit certain parts of the hospital, like Charlie the therapy horse who regularly visits hospital patients. Then there's Tom the therapy cat who visits veterans at the Salem VA Medical Center.

Pets and animals can provide hospitalized patients with very meaningful therapy and support. Visiting animals can help distract patients from their conditions and pain while providing company, and preventing boredom.

But more importantly, animals and pets help to reduce stress. A study by Pedigree monitored human heart rates when spending time with dogs and found that people's heart rates actually slowed down when relaxing with a dog. Hospital patients are often stressed because they're in a strange environment and are dealing with physical issues. Pets can help to make them more comfortable.

This woman was lucky enough to get her final wish to see her dog. This exception to the hospital rules was certainly well worth it.

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Dog Visits Terminally Ill Owner in Hospital, Granting Final Wish