Dog Used in Fighting Ring Loses Ear But Now Wears Hats Sent from People All Over the World

Posted by Amber King
All images via Bonnets For Abigail/Facebook

Dog fighting rings are illegal in all 50 states, but unfortunately, they still happen.

In dog fights, people pitch dog against dog forcing them to fight while an audience bets money on which animal will win. They train the dogs to fight and use bait dogs to encourage the violence.

That's where Abigail's story begins.

pit bull with head bandage

When Abigail's owner realized she wasn't much of a fighter, she was used as a bait dog. Her life consisted of continuous attacks as other dogs were forced upon her. When she was finally rescued and pulled out of the pit, she suffered severe injuries including the loss of her ear.

Victoria Frazier from Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue told The Dodo;

"Her whole entire side of her face was missing. Her skin tissue was hanging. Most of her ear was gone."

The three-year-old pit bull mix was also anemic and infested with ticks. She was taken to the Pets First Wellness Center where veterinarians didn't know if she'd make it. But with love, compassion, and advanced medical care, Abigail slowly began to recover.

As she healed, one thing became obvious: she was the furthest thing from a fighter. She was a lover, and she quickly found her way into the hearts of everyone she met.

pit bull wearing hat

Abigail loves people and belly rubs, but most of all, she loves hats. What started as a medical necessity to protect the wound where her ear used to be, soon turned into a heartwarming movement.

Volunteers picked up their knitting needles and pulled out their sewing machines to give Abigail an entire wardrobe worth of hats. Instead of trying to pull the hats off, like what most dogs would do, Abigail seemed to be happiest when she was wearing one of the thoughtful gifts.

As more people heard about her sad story, the former bait dog started receiving more and more hats. So far, her collection totals over 50 handmade hats, and more are being sent to the rescue every day.

pit bull with bin full of hats

She has hats of all colors and styles and loves to pick out which one she's going to wear. According to Frazier;

"People all over the world are following her journey. We get many people saying they look forward to her posts every day, and that Abigail has restored their faith in humanity."

The dog who started life at the bottom, with little hope of ever making it out of the fighting ring alive, now inspires others with her story of resilience.

Abigail still needs at least one more surgery on her missing ear, but once she has fully recovered, she'll be looking for a forever home. Preferably one with a lot of closet space to accommodate her ever-growing wardrobe.

pit bull wearing hat

If you're willing to get crafty for a dog in need, send Abigail a hat to keep both her head and her heart warm during her recovery. Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue and Pets First Wellness Center are also accepting donations to help cover Abigail's medical costs. They're about halfway to their goal, and every dollar helps.

All images via Bonnets For Abigail/Facebook

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Dog Used in Fighting Ring Loses Ear But Now Wears Hats Sent from People All Over the World