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5 Best Dog Treat Pouches of 2022 + Treats Trainers Recommend


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The only thing I want to do more than pet every dog is give them all the treats!

As a pet owner, I know the feeling of wanting to give your pet a treat for simply being adorable. A dog treat pouch keeps treats on hand for your pooch. They also come in handy when you want to train your dog and reward them for good behavior.

A treat tote gives you easy access to your dog's favorite treats. Warning: your furry friend may give you wet, slobbery kisses when they see you wear these treat pouches!

Treats Trainers Recommend

So you've got the perfect treat bag in mind, now, onto what goes in it. American Kennel Club recommends these small treats because they're quick to eat. If you give your pup large treats that take a while to finish, your dog might be too busy trying to eat and nap rather than learning commands! Two treat ideas they recommend are dried liver and jerky treats. They're non-perishable, making them the perfect snack to put in your treat bag while in the backyard, at parks, or on a walk.


If you're training from home, you can even consider baby food. It's quite different, but you may be surprised by how much your dog enjoys baby food! Professional Dog Trainer Shoshi Parks says, "The stinky smell and novel texture make them a favorite for fur babies, too. I prefer to use the meat flavors when possible but vegetable purees made from sweet potato or squash also work well."

If you're a parent and your baby doesn't like their food, consider gifting jars to a new pet owner!

Best Dog Treat Pouches

1. AUDWUD- Silicone Dog Treat Pouch - Clip-on Portable Training Container

This silicone dog treat pouch is perfect for veterinarians or dog trainers. The design of this pouch gives you quick access to pet treats with just one hand. This is super convenient if you are giving commands with your other hand. I love that this pouch automatically closes after feeding your doggie a treat.

You can conveniently clip this pet training bag onto your pockets or belt loops.


2. Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch - Easily Carries Pet Toys, Kibble, Treats

This treat pouch has over 13,000 ratings! You can easily store your kibble and toys in this drawstring pouch. I can see this being super handy at the dog park or beach. Dog owners will appreciate the built-in poop bag holder that holds your waste bags.

The D-rings will hold your dog training clickers. Customer reviews love that you can wear this dog treat bag in several different ways. You can use the shoulder strap or the belt clip.

3. Kurgo Dog Training Treat Pouch Waist Clip Bag

This pouch is great for hands-free pet training. Clip the carabiner on your belt loop for a productive training session. The drawstring closure secures your treats but also opens wide for easy access. If you need to store other items such as money or poop bags, the zippered pockets act as extra storage!

The $13 bag is Amazon's Choice for dog treat bags, making this a top pick pet owners love.


4. RUFFWEAR, Treat Trader, Twilight Gray

Good boys deserve all the treats! You can wear this pouch to the park or on a walk. You can attach your training clicker to the loop for your training sessions. This magnetic closure makes a clicking noise when it closes, so your dog will get excited knowing he's getting a treat.

It's a bit pricier than the previous option, however, RUFFWEAR is a top-rated brand dog owners trust.

A five-star review: "I know this treat trader is expensive but I'm telling you ITS WORTH IT! This is the best treat pouch I have ever used/seen. It's compact enough that it is not cumbersome or in the way."

5. Leashboss PackUp Pouch Dog Treat Training Waist Belt

This fanny pack is the ultimate dog treat pouch. You will have easy access to all your treats, keys, poop bags, and more. This pouch is great for hikes and doggy dates. You get four pockets that will secure and hold all your items. The 7" back flap can even fit most standard-sized phones!


It's under $20, making it affordable. Just be aware that it's not as heavy-duty as RUFFWEAR's pouch. This is a lightweight option for snacks and a couple of personal items.

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