Dog Talent Agency Manages All Your Favorite Famous Pets

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Famous pets need management help just like human celebrities, so a dog talent agency specializes in maximizing the potential of these special pets. 

Could your dog be the next Crusoe the Dachshund? Are your cats worthy of Cole and Marmalade fame? If you think you have the next superstar pet on your hands, then there's only one place to turn: The Dog Agency. This unique agency manages famous pets and focuses exclusively on four-legged celebrities.

The Dog Agency was founded by Loni Edwards. Currently the agency has over 100 clients, among them some of the most well-known pets on Instagram. The agency also manages the Dogs of Instagram and Cats of Instagram pages, which have a stunning 12 million followers between them.

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It's serious stuff, and Edwards notes that the famous pets pull in enough money to warrant serious management. Some of the clients make $10,000 or $15,000 on a single piece of sponsored content - as in, when companies want these famous pets to represent their products, the payoff can be huge.

Pets have huge selling power which prompts those big paychecks - they're cute, cuddly, and can cause people to associate positive feelings with the company's brand. They're all hugely desirable traits when you're trying to build a brand or sell a product.

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You'd be surprised to learn that many of the brands The Dog Agency works with aren't pet brands. They're human facing brands, such as those in the travel, fashion, movie, and cleaning product industries.

Some of the brands include mega-companies Dyson, Barneys New York, and even 20th Century Fox.

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So how do you get your pet Instagram-famous and work with The Dog Agency? It's not easy, and will require serious focus and some dedicated work. The Dog Agency works with pets with existing brands - they have a strict screening process and are looking for pets who already have great quality content out there.

In terms of starting up, you're on your own. You'll need to create great content, in terms of copy, videos, and photos, and you'll need to post regularly. That doesn't sound that bad, but it's actually hugely time-consuming. Photos and videos need to be clear and engaging, which will mean that you'll need to master some photography techniques to present your pet in the best light possible. Photo shoots take time, and for every one image you'll post, you'll likely throw out dozens of others.

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Once your pet has a thriving Instagram following with great engagement and a strong brand, working with The Dog Agency might be a possibility. Until then, though, have a great time capturing fun moments with your pet to share with his followers.

Does your pet have an Instagram or other social media page? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Dog Talent Agency Manages All Your Favorite Famous Pets