This Dog Takes His Pet Rock Very Seriously

Posted by Allie Layos
Grand Rapids Bully Breeds/Facebook

Most dogs play with tennis balls, but this dog wants nothing more than to play with his favorite rock. 

Oliver is a chocolate Pit Bull with an interesting obsession. Though he has two canine pals he could hang with, his best friend is none other than a large tan colored rock.

Oliver first found his rock on a family camping trip and has been unusually attached ever since. He takes the rock with him everywhere -- the house, the yard, the pool, and more.

The world first learned about Oliver and his rock when Oliver's dad posted about the strange phenomenon on Reddit back in 2013. Oliver doesn't bite the rock, he said, he "just paws it around and hangs out with it."

"What happens if you give him the wrong one?" one Reddit user asked.

"Nothing, he has no interest in other rocks," Oliver's dad wrote back.

As proof, here is Oliver picking his rock out of a lineup.

To follow more of Oliver's exploits, check out the Facebook page his dad started to promote Bully breed awareness, Grand Rapids Bully Breeds.

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This Dog Takes His Pet Rock Very Seriously