Dog Swept over Ontario Waterfall Survives 10 Days in Wilderness

Posted by Mateja Lane
All images via CBC

Kali the dog was recently reunited with her owners after being swept away down Rebecca Falls in northern Ontario. 

It was a scary moment when the Karaken family watched their dog be swept away by raging rapids. The family was camping in Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario where they were hiking near Boundary Waters.

"That's where we lost sight of her," said Kareken.

Kali, a Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix went to the water's edge near an area of the park called Rebecca Falls and got caught in the fast-moving water. The family searched for their dog for hours but finally came to the conclusion that Kali had drowned.


"We were ... just beside ourselves," David Karaken said. "You know, it was a nightmare."

Two weeks later, the Karaken family got an incredible phone call. Kali had been found by a camper on an island in the park.

"When we finally got the news, I just, I fell to my knees," he said, "because I couldn't believe it -- you know, she was alive, and healthy, and okay."

Kali had survived the water but also survived the woods for 10 days. When Kali was reunited with her family she was understandably a bit thinner but ecstatic none the less.

Kali is now safe and sound with the Karaken family at their home in Asheville, North Carolina.

"I don't know what powers of the universe were working on this. We are doting on her."

All images via CBC

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Dog Swept over Ontario Waterfall Survives 10 Days in Wilderness