This Dog Who Was Shot by an Arrow Still Trusted His Rescuers

Posted by Krissy Howard
WSAZ 3 News

He was found alone in the woods with an arrow shot through his body, but despite the trauma he had endured, this dog was somehow able to trust his rescuers.

Two hikers were enjoying some outdoor time last week in Jackson County, Ohio when they came across an alarming sight - a dog who had an arrow shot through his body, according to a report by WSAZ 3 News.

The pair noticed the dog lying on the ground with the arrow sticking out of him. Somehow, despite all the dog had been through, he was able to see that the hikers were there to help him and trusted them every step of the way.

The dog, later named "Lucky David" after the man who rescued him and the dog's obvious luck, was immediately taken to a vet, where the arrow was removed and he could begin the process of healing.

Dr. Laura Perry of the Ohio Valley Animal Clinic said that the arrow pierced through Lucky David's shoulder blades and spine, but fortunately didn't hit anything that would result in lasting damage. The veterinarian who examined Lucky David believes that he may have been like that for at least an entire day.

Jackson County dog warden Deb Fout said in an interview with the news outlet:

"When we actually saw him laying there we thought he was dead. We went up to him and he barely lifted his head."

Other than being underweight, the dog was said to be well and is now living at the local pound. Fout hopes he will be pulled by a rescue group to better help him find his forever home.

Have you ever stumbled upon a dog or animal in distress? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comments!

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This Dog Who Was Shot by an Arrow Still Trusted His Rescuers