Dog Scouts of America Is a Real Program and It's Amazing

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Dog Scouts of America via Facebook

If you're looking for a way to spend some fun time with your dog while learning great things, then Dog Scouts of America might be for you. 

You've heard of Girl Scouts. You've heard of Boy Scouts. But Dog Scouts? Yes, Dog Scouts of America is a real thing, and you and your dog can get involved.

Dog Scouts of America gives dogs and their owners chances to spend fun time together, to further their learning, and even to deepen their relationship while earning badges.


Dog Scouts of America was founded by Lonnie Olson in 1995. Olson wanted to experience as many skills and sports as possible with her dogs, and founded Dog Scouts to help other dog owners do the same.

Dog Scouts believes in positive reinforcement training, and dog owners love Dog Scouts. Today there are 34 troops located across 25 states. There are also many Dog Scouts members in areas of both the United States and Canada where there aren't currently troops.


Dog Scouts wouldn't be complete without scout camp. Camps are offered in Michigan every summer, and satellite camps are located in Maryland and Texas. Camps are packed with activities like agility, flyball, search and rescue, obedience, tracking, sledding, and more.

The camps are open to any dog of any breed - there's no breed discrimination in Dog Scouts. Each camp ends with a ceremony where dogs are presented with the new badges that they've ended.


Yes, dogs can earn badges, just like in traditional scouts. Dogs can earn 114 different badges in a wide variety of activities such as water rescue, search and rescue, agility, pulling, and more.

Dogs and their owners have the opportunity to learn about and earn new badges during camps and by completing specific activities.


Would your dog like to be a Dog Scout? To get involved, start by checking the Dog Scouts of America's website to see if there's a troop near you.

If there isn't a troop nearby, the Dog Scouts will provide you with guidance on how to start a troop, so you can share the Dog Scout experience with other dog owners in your area.

All images: Dog Scouts of America via Facebook

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Dog Scouts of America Is a Real Program and It's Amazing