Dog Saves Girl by Biting Would-Be Kidnapper

Posted by Krissy Howard
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A family dog is being heralded as a hero for biting a would-be kidnapper and saving his 10-year-old owner. 

A Virginia dog has saved the day and saved his young owner from a terrible ordeal.

Fox 5 DC has reported that a dog whose identity remains anonymous at this time, bit a man who attempted to abduct the 10-year-old child, causing the man to run off and resulting in the safe return of the girl to her parents.

The source reported that the incident took place around 3:50 pm last week. The suspect allegedly walked up to the girl and grabbed her by the arm, trying to lead her away down the street in what authorities are considering an attempted kidnapping.

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Fortunately for everyone, the suspect didn't get far at all. At the first sign of trouble, the girl's dog bit the stranger and he fled the scene.

The little girl wasn't hurt, but the suspect has yet to be found, even after a K9 search of the area.

Local authorities describe the suspect as being in his late teens to early 20s, standing between 5'3" and 5'6". He was last seen wearing light pants and a striped shirt and has dark hair and a dark goatee.

Do you think your dog would save you or your loved ones in a similar situation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Dog Saves Girl by Biting Would-Be Kidnapper