Dog Saves Family of Eight from Devastating House Fire

Posted by Amber King

Thor's family is calling him a hero after he saved their lives.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and for a family of eight near Louisville, Kentucky, breeds. By the time firefighters arrived at the home in Camp Taylor around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning, flames and smoke had already engulfed the property.

Malfunctioning smoke detectors were silent, but the family of eight was able to escape the burning home unharmed thanks to the family dog, Thor.

11 Alive

Thor, a Rottweiler, barked to wake up family member Bobby Jackson and alert him of the flames. Bobby said:

"I got up and saw smoke in the house, and within a few minutes of when we got outside the flames went from one room to the whole top floor, that quick."

The house and most of the family's possessions were lost in the fire, but they thank Thor for saving their lives.

"It was like he was trained to do that, to get us out and be safe."

camp taylor fire

While firefighters worked on extinguishing the flames, Thor stayed near his family. He never abandoned his duty as family protector, and he distracted the children while the flames spread.

Hailey Jackson was beyond grateful.

"Without him we probably wouldn't be alive right now."

With their home in ruins, Thor is now staying with a family member out of town. As the family of eight rebuilds their lives, they look forward to the day when they can once again be reunited with Thor and thank him for his life-saving efforts.

"We're going to buy him a big ol' steak and feed it to him."

There's no doubt that Thor earned his steak that night, and his family is forever thankful for his heroic actions.

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Dog Saves Family of Eight from Devastating House Fire