Fishermen Break Through Ice on River to Save Drowning Abandoned Mastiff

Posted by Tori Holmes
fishermen save mastiff from river
All images courtesy of  Jeff Reinitz/Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

When the Waterloo Fire Rescue's boat was not able to enter the water, a pair of local fishermen stepped in to rescue a female Mastiff stuck in the river.

After a passerby called the authorities saying there was a dog caught in the current of Waterloo's Cedar River, the local Fire Rescue quickly arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, when they reached the ramp where they would launch their boat into the water, they realized that a buildup of ice around the shore was blocking their view.

Thankfully for the dog, Chad and Jason Conkling were just upstream from the Fire Rescue team and had been able to successfully get their boat past the ice. After being briefed on the urgency of the situation, they quickly offered to help.

"We were getting ready to go fishing, and we were breaking that ice, and Fire Rescue came down and said there was a dog down here that needed help, it was in the water about to go under," Chad Conkling said.

Dog trapped in cold river in WaterlooBreaking through the ice piece by piece, the Conklings were able to reach the area where the Mastiff was. They couldn't grab her on their first pass by and ended up having to circle back and try again; but on their second rescue attempt they were successful.

Dog rescued from river in Waterloo

Check out the entire rescue below:

After the daring rescue, the dog was surrendered to animal control to try and locate her owners. Unfortunately, no owners have stepped up looking for the dog so this brave girl is up for adoption. Animal Control has received many applications so far, including one from one of the Conklings that rescued her, and they have no doubts she will be in her forever home shortly.

Here's hoping you find your forever home soon, pup!

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All images courtesy of  Jeff Reinitz/Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

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Fishermen Break Through Ice on River to Save Drowning Abandoned Mastiff