Dog Reminds Us to Take Part in the Simple Joys in Life

Posted by Jason Sarna

This dog loves the dog park!

We all have things in life that get us excited, but I can't remember the last time I've been as excited as this dog is when he realizes he is going to the dog park.

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As we age, the level of excitement in our life seems to fade. It's like we've seen and done the same things so many times that they start to lose their appeal. But dogs get excited over the smallest things, like going to the dog park, even though they might go every day.

Check out the video below:

This dog is going nuts: jumping, crying, and kissing his owner's face. He even takes hold of the steering wheel as if to say to the owner, "Let's park this car already and get to the park!"

When I think of the things in life that have brought anywhere near this dog's level of the joy, I often think of time spent with friends. No matter how much technology continues to shape our lives, there is no substitute for human connection. Pets remind us of this. They show us the importance of hanging out, getting outside, and taking part in the simple joys in life.

We sometimes think we need so much more in life to make us happy, but our pets remind us that that's not the case. Sometimes going to the park with a friend--human or animal--is all we need to make us happy.

Does your dog love the dog park? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Dog Reminds Us to Take Part in the Simple Joys in Life