Dog Pushes Other Dog Off Couch in the Ultimate Display of Dominance

Posted by Jason Sarna
dog push off couch

That's my seat!

There's nothing worse than getting your seat taken. If you have a special spot on the couch where you love to sit and someone else is sitting there, the thoughts that rush through your head are anything but pleasant.

We're not sure if this dominate dog is trying to play or if he's actually upset with his furry friend for taking the best seat in the house!

Check out the video below:

The dominate dog looks pretty shocked by the results of his actions. He searches the nearby vicinity for his furry friend, but his furry friend is no where to be found.

As humans, when someone takes our seat, we can use our mouths to ask them to move. But as most people know, sometimes people don't listen. And when people don't listen, the only available option - as this dominate dog has taught us - is to run full blast and push them off the couch with your paws, I mean, your hands.

Do your dogs ever push one another off the couch? Let us know in the comments section below!

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